Tomás O'Leary

Tomás is a Landscape Architect and has a Masters degree in Environmental Resource Management. Tomás’ management responsibilities in MosArt include business development, innovation and marketing. His day to day professional activities are diverse, including landscape design, landscape character assessment, landscape impact assessment and, since 2002, Passive House design, specification and construction. Tomás and his family live in Ireland’s first Passive House since 2005. He has co-drafted several national Best Practice Guidelines including those on Landscape Assessment, Wind Farm Planning and Passive House Design. He regularly presents papers at national and international conferences and is also involved in training Corporate Bodies and Local Authorities on sustainable building.

Comment - Why the path to recovery will be passive

MosArt & Passive House Academy co-founder Tomás O’Leary sees great prospects for Ireland’s beleaguered construction sector – if we embrace the passive house approach

International selection: Passive house comes of age

International Selection
Box-like, small windows, primary colour renders - there is a common misconception that building to the passive house standard involves sacrificing design freedom for the sake of thermal performance. Not so, argues passive house guru Tomás O’Leary of MosArt and the Irish Passive House Academy, as his selection of architecturally diverse buildings reveals.

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