76% of new builds go passive or near passive
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76% of new builds go passive or near passive

Over three out of four domestic new build enquiries to Construct Ireland are from people aiming for certified passive or near passive standards, the latest data from our reader enquiry service reveals.

The enquiry system connects readers looking to build or upgrade with the sustainable product and service providers who advertise in the latest issue of Construct Ireland.

Under changes we introduced to the enquiry system last year, we guarantee that advertisers don’t have to pay for advertising unless they receive a minimum agreed number of enquiries. For most categories of products and services this is in excess of 25 or 30 enquiries.

Aside from connecting advertisers with readers involved in real projects, these enquiries also create a detailed picture of the the sorts of buildings Construct Ireland readers are designing and building.

Enquiries typically include detailed information such as project type, site location, budget, floor area, start date, and the reader’s contact details.

Of the people building new homes:

    76% are aiming for certified passive or near passive standards;
    for certified passive builds the average budget is €109 per square foot and the average floor area is 2,531 square feet;
    29% listed indoor air quality as an imperative. Average budget: €97 per square foot;
    26% selected "low budget" as a project imperative. This group had the lowest average budget: €88 per square foot;
    17% listed low environmental impact as an imperative. Average budget: €100 per square foot.

Of the people upgrading or extending homes:

    51% are aiming for certified passive or near passive standards. Average budget: €69 per square foot. Average floor area: 1,653 square feet;
    22% chose indoor air quality as an imperative. Average budget: €72 per square foot. Average size: 1,900 square feet;
    29% selected low budget. Average budget: €52,000. Average floor area: 1,200 square feet;
    these figures don't include a €10m social housing energy upgrade project, as it would have skewed the data.

Of the total number of enquiries:

    97% of readers stipulated a project type, and 96% stated the stage the project is at;
    42% of projects are new homes, 49% are home upgrades and extensions; 4% are upgrades to non-domestic buildings and 1% are new non-domestic buildings.
    67% of readers enquired about airtightness products, making it the most popular enquiry;
    Next came insulation on 65%, with passive house & low energy build systems neck and neck with heat recovery ventilation on 57%;
    47% of people enquired about rainwater harvesting, making it the most popular non-energy related category;
    80% of readers enquired about one or more types of renewable energy technology.

The enquiry system has proven popular with advertisers eager for accountability in their marketing spend: “Whilst we’ve dropped our advertising in most magazines and papers, we have stayed with Construct Ireland, mainly due to the reader enquiry system which generates a lot of solid leads each month,” said Unipipe MD Paul O’Donnell. “When an email with thirty to eighty enquiries lands on my desk, it is pretty pleasing and obviously influences our decision to stick with Construct Ireland. None of the other publications we’ve dealt with give such an obvious and accountable return.”

O’Donnell’s experience is echoed by Tom Naughton, general manager of PW Thermal Building Solutions: “Our marketing includes trade & consumer shows, magazine & local press advertising. Construct Ireland's enquiry system is the biggest source of leads we get,” he said. “It generates everything from new contractors to homeowners interested in getting work done, to architects & engineers. It's a brilliant means of working out how well an advert has worked.”

If you're planning a build or upgrade and you want to get in contact with sustainable suppliers, you can fill out our enquiry form by clicking here. You can even flag the project for consideration for publication once it's complete.

The next issue of Construct Ireland is fast approaching the publishing deadline. If you'd like to discuss advertising call 01 2107513 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.

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