Kilbride Court EPDs
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Kilbride Court EPDs

A list of EPDs from product manufacturers used in Kilbride Court.

Product type & location

Supplier & product name

Windows & Doors

Timber aluclad windows & external doors Munster Joinery timber aluclad windows

Ground / Intermediate Floor Slab

Structural insulation (threshold) Partel - Alma Vert
Insulation - below slab  Mannok -  Therm Floor / MF
Radon DPM membrane system Necoflex - Monarflex RMB400 radon, air and moisture protection system
Precast concrete hollow core slabs to house type C & E flooring Mannok - Hollowcore Slabs
Metal suspended ceiling  system
(compartment ceilings, lean-to roofs, and porches)
Saint-Gobain - CasoLine MF
Mineral wool insulation (to ceilings beneath apartments to reduce airborne noise) Rockwool - RW 3

Exterior Walls

AAC blocks (multiple locations)  Mannok - Mannok Aircrete
Insulation – cavity partial fill Xtratherm – Xtroliner XO/CW (T&G)
12.5mm hardcoat plaster Saint-Gobain - Gyproc Hardcoat
Skim coat plaster Saint Gobain -Gyproc Finish Plaster
Insulation (below ground to cavity) Xtratherm XPS (generic XPS EPD from European Extruded Polystyrene
Insulation Board Association)


Concrete roof tiles (to all roofs except house type G lean-to rectification) Mannok - Rathmore
Cellulose insulation Dammstatt (Generic cellulose EPD from European Cellulose Insulation Association)
Vapour permeable sheet roof underlay (house type G  lean-to roof rectification) DuPont - Tyvek Supro breather membrane
Mineral wool insulation (between rafters to lean-to  roofs and internal studwork) Rockwool - Flexi
Fire cavity barriers (top of cavity walls) Rockwool - TCB
Fire cavity barriers (junction party wall @ eaves) Rockwool - SP 60
Mineral wool insulation (fire stopping  below roofing membrane and top of raked party walls) Rockwool - RWA
Mineral wool insulation reinforced with chicken wire (fire stopping below roof tiles and above roofing membrane at party walls) Rockwool -  Fire
barrier system
Rigid insulation under ceiling rafters to all lean-to roofs  Kingspan Kooltherm K107
Rigid insulation – under  AVCL to recessed porch Kingspan - Kooltherm K110
9mm cement board (to canopy) ETEX - Cedral fibre cement façade panels
Rigid insulation (under water tanks)  Xtratherm - XtroLiner XO/PR (PIR)
Natural rolled zinc pre-weathered with phosphorous mist (to canopy) VM Zinc - Quartz

Interior walls

70mm metal studwork Saint-Gobain - Gyproc Gypframe
Wallboard Saint-Gobain - Gyproc Wallboard
Moisture resistant plasterboard Saint-Gobain - Gyproc Moisture Resistant
Fireline board (duplex and apts) Saint-Gobain - Gyproc Fireline Board (Cavan)
Soundbloc (heat pump internal unit) Saint-Gobain - Gyproc Soundbloc
Paint timber internal (doors, stairs, etc ), Block 10 only AkzoNobel  - Dulux Trade Quick Dry Satinwood
Paint timber internal (doors, stairs etc), Block 10 only) AkzoNobel  - Dulux Trade Quick Dry Undercoat
Matt  plaster paint - all plastered walls and ceilings Johnstone's Trade - Jonmat Premium Contract Matt
Satin  wood paint - all wood work Johnstone's Trade - Acrylic Satin


External paint (back wall  only due to neighbour requirements) AkzoNobel - Dulux Weathershield
Vinyl flooring (WC and bathroom) Polyflor - PolySafe Standard PUR
Vinyl flooring (Wet rooms for house type D)  Polyflor - Polyflor PolySafe Hydro 36 +
Strong dispersion-based adhesive vinyl to wet rooms (non acoustic) Uzin - Uzin KE 2000 S
Acoustic mineral wool lining (to party walls)  Saint Gobain - Isover Acoustic Partition Roll
Low slump floor Screed to falls
(shower areas)
Sopro - RAM 3
Floor screed (patching/feathering concrete floors) Sopro - Rapidur
Self levelling floor compound fibre reinforced(plywood flooring to bathroom on timber floor and concrete floor) Mapei - Ultraplan
Concrete primer (prior adhesive ) Mapei -  Primer MF
Adheseive for ceramic tiles Mapei - Keraflex
Adhesive for resilient and textile floorings Mapei - Ultrabond ECO Vs90 plus
Anti-corrosion cementitious mortar for steel reinforcement rods (exposed steel to landing in house type C and exposed bolts to canopies to BF Mapei - Mapefer Mapegrout T 60
External permeable paving under brown bin to communal bin area Kilsaran - Clima Pave
Foil faced insulation (all DCV reducing condensation /SVP reducing noise )  Saint-Gobain -  Isover Climcover  Roll Alu2
MDF trade sheeting (painted boxing out generally to non-wet areas) Medite Smartply -
Medite Trade MDF
MDF premier sheeting (build up stairs bottom landing to comply with Part K to ensure consistent risers) Medite Smartply -
Medite Premium MDF
(window board  and boxing out to WCs generally)
Medite Smartply- Medite MR
OSB 2 (door ope linings - temporary) Medite Smartply- Smartply  OSB 2
OSB 3 (12mm raking to stub ends, and 18mm kickerboard  to attic) Medite Smartply - Smartply Max OSB
OSB 3  T and G (attic flooring) Medite Smartply- Smartply Max OSB
3 T and G 
OSB 4 (under tank and under canopy zinc roofing) Medite Smartply- Smartply Ultima
Patching compound (to concrete floors near threshold) Ardex -  Feather Finish  (rapid drying patching and smooth compound)
Roof membrane lean to rear roof rectification  (to house type G) DuPont - Tyvek 2507B
Air to water heat pump Uniclima -  Joint Product Environmental Profile Air/Water Heat Pump for individual
housing (generic PEP)
Demand controlled ventilation system Uniclima -  Joint Product Environmental ProfileUnidirectional ventilation for dwelling, hygo-adjustable by low power extraction (generic) 
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