Looking back at this year's passive house days
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Looking back at this year's passive house days

The International Passive House Days, during which passive buildings around the world open their doors to the public, took place this year from November 8-10. This year marked the 10th anniversary of the event. 


The International Passive House Association has posted a review of proceedings across the globe here, along with a nifty map of all the participating buildings and links to more info on the projects. 

The UK Passivhaus Trust has posted a more detailed review of its own proceedings on its website. 

In Ireland and some other countries, the event overlapped with a similar "nearly zero energy buildings open days". Organisers in Ireland said that over 650 people came out and visited 60 different buildings. 

The soon-to-be-published next edition of Passive House Plus features an interview with Wolfgang Feist, founder of the Passive House Institute, in which the renowned building physicist emphasies the importance of the event in making people aware of the benefits of passive house. 

He says: "That’s one of the reasons why the International Passive House Days are so important… People who live in passive house dwellings sharing their experiences is much more convincing than anything that comes from an expert." 

Next year's passive house days will take place from 7-9 November.