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Since 1922 the German owned EJOT Group has grown to become arguably the largest original manufacturer of fasteners and fastening solutions that span multiple sectors and individual markets. In the UK the company’s philosophy of market proactivity is evidenced by fastening solutions for all of the key roofing and cladding applications, rainscreen facades, single ply membrane systems, ETICS, EWI and solar installation. 

Technical testing, development and support is provided by the EJOT Applitec Centre which is based within the company’s UK manufacturing centre in North Yorkshire, with additional support provided by sister laboratories around the world.

Specialist fixings systems developed for EWI provide a range a wide range of system specific anchors and washers, tooling and accessories.

EJOT has also developed a portfolio of mounting products available to the direct market. These elements provide strength where exterior attachments and visual aesthetics are key. Where the outer shell of the building structure is carrying the thermal insulation and light to heavy mounted parts, this range of products offers an efficient solution for all construction and static requirements.

Sales Engineer - fixings for ETICS systems
Hurricane Close
North Yorkshire
LS26 6PB
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