Life Cycle Costing Training

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20 April 2023
12:00 PM GMT +00:00
 (01) 6815862
EUR 50-100

In this training, we look at Life Cycle Costing – how considering the future costs of owning a building can be managed and optimised in support of more sustainable and cost-effective decision-making. The aim of this training is to highlight the importance of taking a whole-life perspective of buildings when considering their environmental impact and sustainability.

The CO2 emissions from constructing and operating our buildings are estimated to contribute around 39% of global CO2 emissions. In recognition of this, The International Cost Management Standard (ICMS) was recently revised to include carbon management alongside cost management in construction from concept to completion and beyond, into the operation and disassembly of buildings. The ICMS is being adopted in Ireland as the methodology for reporting and classifying construction project costs.

With many building certification schemes requiring carbon and life cycle analysis and increasing requirements for carbon analysis in planning decisions in Europe and around the world, it is important to keep abreast of this changing aspect of our built environment.

If you are interested in learning how to calculate, manage and reduce costs over the longer term and justify emissions-saving decisions this online course is for you.

This training consists of 2 pre-recorded introductory videos followed by more detailed discussions from the SCSI Lifecycle Costing Guidance Information Paper and 1 live online session with LCC expert and author of the Information Paper, Dr. Dermot Kehily of TU Dublin.

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  • Video 1: Introduction to Lifecycle Costing
  • Video 2: A look at the calculations and data sources

Live online session

Feedback – Q&A session. This session will include a demonstration based on the CraveZero pinboard followed by a Q&A based on the content of the videos.

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