Delivering sustainable results since 2003

Although Passive House Plus started in 2012, we're old hands at promoting sustainable building. We've been connecting the leading brands in Ireland's sustainable building sector with a large, highly targeted readership since our predecessor magazine Construct Ireland (for a sustainable future) first published in January 2003. Passive House Plus was launched in late 2012, with dedicated UK and Ireland editions serving as the leading magazines on how to design and construct sustainable buildings in either market.

Our role is to inform and connect the people who make sustainable buildings a reality – product suppliers, designers, contractors and clients. We use the magazine to educate people about the latest products and design approaches, and about how to keep on the right side of changing regulations and market conditions. We pride ourselves on providing detailed, technically literate information on how to build robust sustainable buildings - including what design approaches, techniques and technologies have been proven to work - and we strive to make this information as easy to understand as possible.

It's no coincidence that our loyal advertisers read like a who's who of the leading brands in sustainable building, whether they're in insulation, triple glazing, renewable energy systems, or natural and low impact materials.

Flick through the back issues of Passive House Plus - all of which are freely available here - and you'll see a pattern emerging: the same companies advertising again and again, issue after issue, year after year. A list showing advertiser frequency is available on request.

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