Aereco launches new extract grill with performance indicator

Aereco launches new extract grill with performance indicator

Ventilation specialist Aereco has launched a new extract grill with integrated control indicator to meet building regulations that came into force during November 2020.

The BXC hps provides the homeowner with information on the correct operating performance of the ventilation system and alerts the homeowner if there is a fault.

According to the latest version of Technical Guidance Document F, all mechanical ventilation systems, “should indicate to the occupant that the system is operating correctly and if a fault has occurred”. TGD F also states that indicators “should be in a visible location to the occupant and not in a remote location such as in the attic or above the ceiling”.

The new Aereco BXC hps is designed specifically to work with Aereco systems and provides assurance of compliance with the new regulations. A light indicating that the unit has power may not be sufficient to meet this requirement.

“While the regulations are not very specific, I think it is reasonable to assume that the intention is that the indicator should fulfil a useful role in indicating to the occupant that there is more than just power to a fan, that the system is in some way fulfilling its intended role,” said Simon Jones, Aereco’s commercial director for the UK and Ireland.

“Our goal in Aereco was to produce something that was indicative of the system performance. And I think we have done that through the BXC hps. It measures a threshold of performance in the system and indicates through visual and audible means if the system has fallen below it, or if there is a fault.

“It also meets another requirement of the regulations in that it is in a visible location. As an integral part of an existing extract grill normally located in the kitchen or utility room, it is always in view. An app on a phone in someone’s pocket is unlikely to meet that requirement.”

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