AirMaster’s flagship MVHR awarded passive house certification

AirMaster’s flagship MVHR awarded passive house certification

SAV Systems has announced that the AirMaster AM 1000 has been awarded passive house component certification in conjunction with the company’s Danish partner, Airmaster A/S.

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The company’s flagship AM 1000 is the first decentralised, duct free, mechanical ventilation unit with heat recovery (MVHR) on the market to be awarded the certification. This enables the AirMaster AM 1000 to be used in passive school buildings.

“Our time working with the City of Edinburgh Council inspired SAV Systems to undertake passive house certification,” said Jonathon Hunter Hill, product manager for AirMaster at SAV Systems. Edinburgh has set ambitious targets to achieve net zero by 2035, leading the council to apply passive design principles to all its new schools. SAV Systems had previous experience in the world of passive house standards, having supplied Danfoss heat interface units to the award-winning Agar Grove in Camden, the UK’s largest passive house heat network.

Ventilation in school buildings is vital for creating comfortable learning environments, but schools looking to achieve passive house standards face a tough challenge. There are a range of approved MVHR solutions available under the passive house framework, but many of these are centralised systems, which normally have high specific fan powers. Besides increased energy consumption due to the ductwork, buildings with centralised systems must also be designed to accommodate such systems.

“The AirMaster AM 1000 makes installation easier whist achieving ultra-low energy targets,” said Hunter Hill. “AirMasters are decentralised and air distribution is duct free, so fan power is kept to a minimum. A typical classroom installation requires one AirMaster AM 1000 with intake and exhaust connection to outside.”

The AM 1000 can recover up to 90 per cent of the room’s heat using an aluminium heat exchanger, slashing the building’s heat load and heat loss. The result is a much lower carbon footprint, whilst maintaining all the benefits to the indoor environmental quality, according to SAV Systems. Decentralised units like AirMasters have also been shown to have as much as 48 per cent less embodied carbon than centralised systems due to the substantial reduction in equipment required, the company said.

Jonathon Hunter Hill added that he is, “proud of the certification and excited that AM 1000 can offer passive house schools the opportunity to benefit from a decentralised MVHR strategy”.