Daikin launches new Altherma monobloc heat pump

Daikin launches new Altherma monobloc heat pump

Daikin have launched a new air-to-water monobloc heat pump that the company says is the ideal system for users with limited installation space inside. “The system delivers cutting-edge performance within the market’s most compact monobloc outdoor unit,” said Daikin Ireland heating manager John O’Shaughnessy. It delivers space heating with an optional connection to provide domestic hot water.

“The beauty of the monobloc system is that it’s a simple solution for both the installer and the end user alike,” said O’Shaughnessy. “The monobloc system combines all the features of heating and cooling into one unit. It’s very quiet and its space saving design means that it’s easy to commission and install. All the hydraulic components are combined into one outdoor unit so reliable operation is guaranteed.”

The Daikin Altherma low temperature monobloc unit offers an improved seasonal efficiency ErP label up to A++ and boasts high capacity at low ambient temperatures.

O’Shaughnessy continued: “Easy installation is a key benefit of the product. Its sealed refrigerant means there is no need for refrigerant handling or F-gas qualifications. The sealed refrigerant circuit in the outdoor unit means there is no risk of leakage and makes the unit more environmentally friendly. The key hydraulic parts also reduce the risk of installation errors and the need for external parts such as expansion vessel, pump or isolation valves. The fact that there are fewer components makes for lower installation time and helps to maximise the profit on the job.”

The Daikin Altherma low temperature monobloc is suitable for a wide range of applications with a large range of models to choose from with and without back up heaters. It facilitates an easy connection with a wide choice of controls, and the LAN adapter allows users to control the unit via the heating app.

O’Shaughnessy added: “For the end user the system provides year-round reliability and delivers higher heating capacity at low ambient temperatures and flow temperatures of up to 55C, which is perfect for new build applications using underfloor heating. Reliable operation is guaranteed for the consumer, even with outdoor temperatures as low as -25C.”

You can see the new Altherma 3 at stand A2 at the RIAI show, RDS Dublin on October 5th-6th

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