Ecological launch Inventer decentralised ventilation

Ecological launch Inventer decentralised ventilation

Ecological Building Systems has announced that it will exclusively partner with Inventer Germany in the supply and distribution of their innovative range of ventilation systems in Ireland and the UK.

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Inventer pioneered the development of decentralised ventilation systems with a ceramic heat recovery core at its factory in Germany in 1999.

A natural characteristic of ceramic is that it can accumulate heat very easily, and the honeycomb structure of the heat recovery core consists of 80 per cent air and 20 per cent ceramic. In this way, the system can maintain a high airflow with effective heat recovery and very little energy input.

Inventer units are also equipped with Xenion fans, which are produced in-house and feature patented sound insulation, wireless control, and reliable sensors. The systems are designed to be simple to install, maintain and control, and to offer high levels of energy efficiency with minimal running costs.

Inventer offers efficiencies of up to 91 per cent combined with “exceptional” acoustic performance values and minimal running costs. The system is installed in a building’s outer wall without any further piping or complex ducting required. This also makes cleaning and maintenance easier. Inventer units also come with a comprehensive five-year system warranty.

Niall Crosson, group technical manager with Ecological Building Systems, said: “Optimising indoor air quality and wellbeing have always been central to the range of natural insulation, paints and airtightness solutions we provide. Having established Pro Clima airtightness solutions for over two decades now, and with a priority for a healthy living environment, adding a ventilation system to our range of solutions was a natural next step. It ties in with our core message, to ‘build tight and ventilate right’. As a company we have spent many years evaluating the range of ventilation system manufacturers on the market, and we are confident that Inventer offer the same high standard of quality product backed up with world class technical support with sustainability to the fore.”

Ecological Building Systems’ in-house team will offer technical support and design. Members of the Ecological technical team recently underwent advanced training with Inventer and completed the Part F ventilation design course, ensuring specifications are compliant with the Irish building regulations. Ecological also offer free design guidance for prospective customers.

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