Ecological launch new airtight vapour boards

Ecological launch new airtight vapour boards

Ecological Building Systems have added FINSA superPan VapourStop passive house certified boards to their range of products.

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FINSA superPan VapourStop is an innovative wood particle board with a unique composition which differentiates it from other conventional boards on the market.

It features a high performance P5 inner chipboard layer, enclosed within two layers of high density woodfibre on either side, followed by a specialist airtightness film pre-applied on either side of the board.

This unique composition ensures superPan VapourStop fulfils three criteria within one panel: it provides a certified airtight barrier, the vapour control element prevents condensation build-up within the fabric of the building, and it offers high levels of structural stability for timber elements.

VapourStop has been used successfully on projects achieving passive house levels of airtightness and has been certified by the Passive House Institute to the highest airtightness category, pHA. All timber harvested for production is sourced from responsibly managed forests and the boards are also EPD certified. The Eurofins Institute conducted tests to determine VOC and formaldehyde emissions, and FINSA obtained a Class A+ by French standards.

Niall Crosson, group technical manager with Ecological, said: “We are delighted to partner with FINSA in the establishment and exclusive supply of their range of innovative superPan boards in Ireland and the UK. The unique technical characteristics of the VapourStop board and its certification and environmental credentials make it the perfect partner for our range of innovative airtightness solutions.”

The product is classified as a P5 moisture resistant board, suitable for structural use, with omnidirectional resistance meaning it has equal resistance when applied in any direction. “It is a very reliable substrate to screw and fix to with no breakout, and is very easy to cut with standard cuttings tools on site,” said Crosson.

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