Eoin Leonard of i3PT nominated for entrepreneurial award

Eoin Leonard of i3PT nominated for entrepreneurial award

Eoin Leonard, CEO of i3PT Certification, has been named an EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist for 2018.

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Quickly gaining a reputation as one of Ireland’s leading construction certification companies, i3PT have “made great strides in developing processes and software solutions which greatly reduce risk on major construction projects,” according to a profile on the EY Entrepreneur of the Year website, www.eoy.ie.

It continued: “Eoin is hugely passionate about improving the culture of quality and compliance in construction, which is what i3PT was set up to achieve.”

i3PT Certification currently employs 48 people and has a turnover of €2.5m. Eoin Leonard holds a number of technical qualifications in design and project management, as well as an MBA from UCC.

“There’s been a number of examples of buildings that have failed catastrophically [in recent years], and I suppose we could see the writing was on the wall a number of years ago, and we realised there was a need to do something about that,” he told a video profile produced for the awards.

He added: “One of things we always try to do at i3PT is to put ourselves in the shoes of the occupants, and not just the clients, so we do think a lot about the people who are going to occupy, live and work in these buildings every day.”