Mannok announces new product names after rebrand

Mannok announces new product names after rebrand

The rebrand from Quinn to Mannok was announced in September, with the official name change completed on 16 November, marking a major milestone for the company on a rebrand journey which will take up to 12 months to fully complete.

In a year that has given us so much uncertainty and unprecedented challenges, it is a bold move for any company to take on a rebrand. Mannok said the timing of the launch tells us a lot about the company’s intentions – they’re here for the long term.

A key message coming immediately from Mannok is a firm commitment to continue growing their export market, a message which is reaffirmed by their more recent announcement of a new exclusivity deal with one of the UK’s largest merchant buying groups, NBG (National Buying Group) for their Master Grade Cement. On the home front, new Mannok branded lorries are already on the road, replacing the familiar sight of Quinn green trucks, and the company said there will be more visual changes in the coming weeks, including new product packaging which will be in production early in 2021.

Meanwhile Mannok’s newly designed cement bags carry the bold new brand colours with the distinctive Mannok M, ensuring they will be easily recognisable. As the company’s biggest selling bagged cement product, Master Grade Cement will be packaged in the Mannok teal, the primary brand colour, replacing the familiar blue bag. Meanwhile Premium Grade Cement will be packaged in the vibrant Mannok green.

Customers and specifiers should also take note of some product name changes and the integration of the company’s old sub-brands into one single brand identity, Mannok. So, there will no longer be separate brand names to replace Quinn Therm, Quinn Lite, Quinn Cement, Quinn Precast, Quinn Rooftiles and Quinn Lite Pac. Going forward, all products will simply be branded Mannok. The company will of course continue with the same product lines, which are listed in the following table.

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