New Dulux paints 99.9% VOC free

New Dulux paints 99.9% VOC free

Dulux Trade has launched its Airsure range of paints, which are 99.9 per cent free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), to the Irish market.

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The Airsure range initially includes Airsure Diamond Matt and Airsure Supermatt. Dulux has also published environmental product declarations for both products.

“VOCs evaporate away from paint into the air even at room temperature. Once in the air and exposed to sunlight, they react with nitrogen oxides already present to create pollution, which in high concentrations can affect health,” said Paul Murgett, sustainability manager with Dulux’s parent company AkzoNobel.

“Although the pollution impact of the VOCs from paint is very small, less than 2 per cent of the total amount of VOCs emitted, we know they contribute to indoor air pollution, and that is why we’re pioneering new ways to minimise the amounts emitted by our paints.

“As you’d expect, the new Airsure range delivers professional quality, offering the same high performance Dulux Trade is renowned for, so decorators can provide customers with a more sustainable solution that still gives the perfect long-lasting finish.”

The Airsure range is compliant with both BREEAM, LED 4.1 and Well 2.0. The performance of the Dulux Trade Airsure range has been independently certified by leading test house Eurofins. Airsure paints have been verified as 99.9 per cent free when measured in accordance with ISO 11890-2:2013. And when tested after 28 days in line with BREEAM, both Airsure Supermatt and Diamond Matt achieve a VOC emission level of less than 0.01 mg/m3.

Airsure Diamond Matt is available in the full Dulux Trade tinted colour range and has the same scuff, scrub and stain resistant technology as Diamond Matt. Airsure Diamond Matt is suitable for all normal interior walls and ceilings, giving the “excellent opacity, coverage and finish decorators expect from Dulux Diamond Matt”.

Dulux Trade Airsure Diamond Matt was named ‘best interior product’ at the Architecture & Building Expo Ireland 2021.