NIBE heat pumps chosen for Bolands Quay development

NIBE heat pumps chosen for Bolands Quay development

NIBE’s F730 exhaust air heat pumps have been selected to provide heating, ventilation and hot water for the Bolands Quay apartment development at Grand Canal Dock in Dublin, which is currently under construction.

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The F730 provides heating, ventilation, heat recovery and hot water from a single fridge-like indoor unit.

“The choice of these machines removes the need for centralised plant, distribution pipework and heat-meters etc., and provides for a standalone solution in each apartment without the need for outdoor units, which would have been functionally impossible, and unsightly on balconies,” said Paul O’Donnell, managing director of Unipipe, NIBE’s sole distributor in Ireland.

“With smartphone styled user interfaces and remote control by the NIBE Uplink app, they are a great fit with these tech-sector apartments in the Google quarter.”

Meanwhile, the NIBE F730 exhaust air heat pumps have also been selected for NJ Doyne Construction’s A1-rated, nZEB development Clog Na Leinn in Collinstown Westmeath.

O’Donnell said the selection of the NIBE F730 was seen as a very cost-effective solution as it provides ventilation, hot water and heating in one unit, meaning no separate MVHR system is required.

The heat pumps at Clog Na Leinn are also integrated with 2.4kW NIBE solar PV roof panels, which are controlled by the heat pump. O’Donnell said this allows the effect of free incoming power from the solar panels to be multiplied by the heat pump. The solar PV system is completely integrated into — and available to monitor from — the heat pump’s controls, and via the NIBE Uplink app.

O’Donnell continued: “The project architect Louis Peppard was really delighted that they have no outdoor machinery spoiling the appearance of his design. The first thirty homes range in size from 160 to 226 square metres and also feature Unipipe floor heating throughout. Louis also said it was somewhat amusing to him to see that the only ‘chimneys’ on the development were putting out waste air at -15C instead of smoke!”

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