Partel commended at the Architects’ Choice Product Awards
Partel’s Dara McGowan (left), holding a sample of Alma Vert recycled structural panel, and Kieron Brennan (right) at the 2021 Architecture & Building Expo, where the company was commended in two categories.

Partel commended at the Architects’ Choice Product Awards

Partel’s Alma Vert recycled structural panel and Lunos Silvento ec exhaust system were commended in the ‘best exterior product’, and ‘best renewable product’ categories respectively at the Architects’ Choice Product Awards 2021, as part of the Architecture & Building Expo that was held in the RDS in November.

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Alma Vert is a high performance recycled structural panel, “a sustainable alternative that meets the highest technical and ecological standards for reducing thermal bridges”, according to Partel.

It has an exceptionally low thermal conductivity of 0.036 W/mK, excellent mechanical strength, and lightweight composite structure. It is suitable for thermal separation, for use in window or door profiles according to DIN4108, in commercial and residential projects. The material is based on 95 per cent recycled PET so can be easily recycled again at the end of its life.

The Lunos Silvento ec supplied by Partel is an energy efficient, compact extract air unit that can be operated with low volume flows and low power consumption. Silvento ec is fitted with a humidity-temperature sensor, and the innovative regulation adjusts the fan stage automatically to the ventilation requirements: the airflow increases or decreases depending on the relative humidity, helping to prevent over-ventilation and the associated energy consumption.

Partel said that Lunos Silvento ec boasts “one of the quietest fans in the world”, with a minimal operating volume that is barely audible because the sound power level amounts to only 18 dB(A) at 15 m³/h (basic ventilation) and 52 dB(A) at 90 m³/h (demand ventilation).

The Architects’ Choice Awards are a much sought-after accolade at the Architecture & Building Expo. For further information on the Alma Vert modular panel for reducing thermal bridges and Lunos Silvento ec decentralised unit, please visit


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