Recycled building board now available from Ecomerchant

Recycled building board now available from Ecomerchant

AM Ecoboard, an Irish-manufactured construction board made from one hundred per cent recycled cardboard, is now available in the UK exclusively from Ecomerchant.

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AM Ecoboard is manufactured in County Wicklow by Acoustic Materials. It is produced entirely from packaging material that has been deemed non-recyclable, because of the difficulty of separating its components.

Though to date AM Ecoboard’s main use has been as a high performing soundproofing board, it has numerous certifications, and most recently has been certified for use as a structural racking board according to IS EN 594:2011. Acoustic Materials is also pursuing full CE marking and certification to BS-EN 13986:2004 so it can be used it in place of OSB and plywood, in structural applications, as well as in place of plasterboard.

“We’re delighted to be teaming up with Ecomerchant to supply our product into the UK,” said Stephen Stratton of Acoustic Materials. “Ecomerchant have set the bar in the supply of sustainable building materials.”

Stratton said that Ecoboard is fire-rated, sound-rated, mould and mildew resistant, and has excellent impact resistance. It is also air and vapour tight, and free of formaldehyde. “Every 100 square metres of Ecoboard diverts 510 kg of paper and 340 kg of plastic from landfill,” Stratton said.

“We’re excited to be working with Acoustic Materials, who are manufacturing their product entirely from recycled materials, and just on the other side of the Irish Sea,” said Ecomerchant’s Will Kirkman. “AM Ecoboard will perfectly complement our existing range of ecological building products.”

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