GMS launches new Icynene spray foam insulations

GMS launches new Icynene spray foam insulations

GMS Insulations Ltd, the Irish distributor for Icynene spray foam insulations, has announced the launch of a range of new Icynene products to the Irish and UK markets. 

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Following on from the “outstanding success” of their 100% open cell, 100% water blown Icynene Classic, the company has now launched Icynene Classic Plus and Icynene Classic Max with thermal conductivities of 0.035 and 0.030. The company said that as with all Icynene open cell products, the latest additions are 100% open cell, 100% water blown with a global warming potential of 1.

Icynene haves also launched their closed cell range, Icynene Ultraseal Select, in three versions: spray, pour fill for cavities, and exterior for external use. These three products boast a thermal conductivity of 0.021.

Following on from the recent product launches, Icynene Ultraseal Select was successfully used to insulate the exterior of two large storage tanks at Foynes Port, Limerick. GMS said this product was applied to a depth of 50mm and will provide the required insulation value in addition to standing up to the rigours of the Irish climate.

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