Juwo launches 100% clay poroton block for passive houses

Juwo launches 100% clay poroton block for passive houses

Leading poroton block manufacturer Juwo recently launched its latest 100% clay ThermoPlan S7.5 block, which is supplied in Ireland by SIG Construction Accessories.

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The block, which uses only air for insulation and is made from 100% fired clay, achieves a lambda value of 0.075 W/mK with a compressive strength of 6 n/mm2, and delivers U-values as low as 0.14, enabling it to the meet the sorts of thermal performance levels typically demanded on passive houses – and increasingly on Part L compliant builds.

Founded in 1852 by Ernst Jungk, Juwo has been continuously owned and managed by the Jungk Family. Stefan Jungk is the current owner and CEO. Recently the company acquired Zeller Poroton, making the Juwo group the world’s largest family-owned independent poroton manufacturers.

Juwo was one of the original developers of the poroton system in the 1970s, and since its inception has been a leader in poroton innovation. The company offers a range of poroton products suitable for all applications from family homes to multistorey buildings. Juwo poroton can be built as a single skin walling system and typically needs no additional insulation to achieve excellent U-values.

According to Juwo, benefits of the 100% clay system include: uncomplicated and easy buildability with a thin bed mortar system that gives a fast build time; 90% less water used during construction due to the 1mm thin bed system, with virtually no drying out time; high levels of breathability; unrestricted lifespan; complete recyclability and a Class A rating for the spread of fire.

A stunning new house on the Aran Islands, designed by Tipperary-based architect Patti O’Neill, has become one of the most notable projects in Ireland to use the Juwo poroton system. Juwo has Europe-wide technical approval to EN 771 and a declaration of performance (DOP) is available for all block types on www.juwoporoton.com.

Juwo poroton is stocked and distributed nationwide by SIG Construction Accessories, who offer sales and technical support backed by the company’s SIG Assured symbol.

For more information on Juwo poroton in Ireland see www.sigca.ie.