Linham brings Geocell foam glass gravel & aggregate to Ireland

Linham brings Geocell foam glass gravel & aggregate to Ireland

Linham Construction has just announced the introduction of Geocell foam glass gravel and aggregate in Ireland.

Managing Director, Frank Flynn, says that with the advent of the revised building regulations, the time is right to introduce the Geocell product range. “With the new building regulations, combined with the lack of recent development, building industry professionals must up-skill themselves,” he says. “We believe the building community should embrace proven emerging techniques. For Linham Construction the selection of Geocell was simple.”

At 150Kg/m3, the product is extremely light and has impressive compressive strength (6 tonnes/m2). It is breathable, is Pyrite-free, uses neither hydrocarbons nor petrochemicals and is made from 100% recycled material.

“Since the introduction of Geocell products, we have been approached in relation to a wide array of applications, from roof gardens to railways,” says Flynn. “However our main focus for Geocell aggregate is as a replacement for insulation board and stone fill — SR21.”

Flynn said the product removes the need for strip foundations and rising walls, which gives the added advantage of a reduced depth of dig, as well as reduced insulation wastage and damage during installation. Due to its weight and size, it can be easily be manipulated around obstacles and pipework, which means that the concrete floor can be laid on the same day, saving time and expense.

Frank Flynn adds: “Being quicker to install than conventional methods not only saves time, it can reduce the quantity of concrete needed to safely transpose the loads of a house to the ground because of the impressive load capacity of the material.”

Last modified on Thursday, 04 February 2016 15:00