Origen launches new Robur gas-fired heat pump for homes

Origen launches new Robur gas-fired heat pump for homes

Leading renewables supplier Origen Energy has launched the Robur K18 domestic gasfired heat pump to the Irish market. Robur’s gas-fired heat pumps also picked up the award for Best Energy Efficient Product at this year’s SEAI Energy Show awards.  

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The Robur gas-fired heat pump operates on LPG or natural gas. The new domestic 18kW unit has been launched to complement the existing 38kW system, which is for larger commercial applications.

“Because the technology can produce flow temperatures of up to and including 70C, third party support from boilers, PV, solar thermal or immersions is not required,” Kevin Devine of Origen Energy told Passive House Plus. The K18 comes with an energy label of A++ and is suitable for new and existing buildings. Older buildings with radiators and other high temperature circuits are suitable applications for this technology.

“The K18 has only two moving parts, resulting in reliable operation and minimal maintenance,” Devine added. “A key advantage of this technology over electric heat pumps is the ability to maintain solid output power and performance as external ambient air drops off below zero.”

The K18 uses natural refrigerants in its thermodynamic cycle resulting in exemption from F-Gas regulations, and boasts a gas utilisation efficiency of 165%.

The 38kW unit can also be cascaded in multiples on a pre-fabricated skid formation, making it suitable for applications such as hotels, nursing homes, schools, manufacturing and swimming pools.

According to Robur, their gas-fired heat pumps are up to 40% more efficient than A-rated gas condensing boilers and have running costs of 40% less than a conventional boiler at 50C flow.

Robur also states that its gas-fired heat pumps can have comparable or better running costs than an equivalent electric heat pump (depending on several factors including system load, system type and temperature operation, building heat loss etc.). 

Last modified on Friday, 16 September 2016 11:34