Partel launches real-time U-value measurement kit

Partel launches real-time U-value measurement kit

Passive house & low energy building product specialist Partel has announced that it is now offering real-time, physical U-value measurement with the company’s agency for the greenTEG U-value Kit.

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The U-value Kit allows direct measurement of the thermal insulation quality of buildings and their elements. The system can be used to measure energy efficiency as well as to design and test new insulation products in accordance with ISO 9869. The system uses heat flux meters (HFM) and temperature sensors to achieve a certified U-value over 72 hours.

Partel’s Hugh Whiriskey told Passive House Plus that the system has the potential for use in a number of areas, including academic research, post-completion analysis of buildings to ensure insulation has been installed correctly, building physics analysis, and in the testing of new wall constructions by manufacturers, thus helping to eliminate the performance gap.

The kit is available from Partel throughout Ireland and the UK for sale, rent, or as part of an on-site consultancy service. GreenTEG AG is a Swiss-based manufacturer founded in 2009 as a spin-off of ETH Zurich. Its expertise is in development and manufacturing of highly precise thermoelectric sensors.

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