SmartPly and ProAir Systems get passive house certification in boost for Irish manufacturers

SmartPly and ProAir Systems get passive house certification in boost for Irish manufacturers

Two leading Irish manufacturers of passive house components have both received passive house certification for their systems. 

Coillte subsidiary Medite Smartply has received certification for ProPassiv, its wood panel system for ultra low energy buildings, formerly known as VapAirTight. Meanwhile, Galway manufacturer ProAir has received certification for its PA 600 PLI heat recovery ventilation system.

The awards were presented by Passive House Institute director Prof Wolfgang Feist at this year’s International Passive House Conference in Darmdstadt, Germany.

The result of three years’ vigorous development, each SmartPly ProPassiv panel features alternating layers of wood strands coated with a high quality formaldehyde-free resin system and wax to deliver outstanding levels of airtightness. A specialist coating is then applied to provide vapour control properties to ensure a premium performance OSB solution for super-insulated and passive buildings.

“OSB is assumed to be airtight, but tests showed a huge variation in performance, between manufacturers,” explained David Murray, innovation manager at SmartPly. “Developed from our OSB3 system, SmartPly ProPassiv has been proven to achieve the highest levels of airtightness required to meet the passive house standard.”

Available in a standard 2397mm x 1197mm size, the panel’s smooth and durable surface has also been developed to provide “superior bonding of airtight tape at panel joints”. Murray said that where air and vapour control layer (AVCL) membranes are difficult to seal, ProPassiv offers excellent seal adherence to prevent air leaks, condensation and consequential structural damage.

Meanwhile ProAir’s PA 600 PLI heat recovery ventilation system has recently achieved certification after strenuous testing. The unit is certified by the institute to have a heat recovery rate of 86%. The company recently moved to a 7,500 sq ft facility on the edge of Galway City where it manufactures a family of heat recovery ventilation units.

The testing for certification was carried out at the BRE facility in Watford. “Dr Mick Swainson who oversees the Appendix Q testing, took a very personal interest in getting this first passive house test right,” ProAir’s David McHugh wrote in a blog post on the Passive House Plus website.

“Eventually the tests were completed in the second half of 2015 and the due diligence by the Passive House Institute then went through its process,” McHugh said.

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