SMET launch new moisture regulating, anti-mould plaster
Photo: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz,

SMET launch new moisture regulating, anti-mould plaster

Smet Building Products, the agents for leading German manufacturer Casea, has introduced the latest in internal moisture regulating plasters: Casea Casucalc Klima and Casea Klimafeinputz KFP breathable fine finishing plaster.

Klimafeinputz KFP is unique in that rather than being a pure cement or pure gypsum based plaster, it combines the properties of gypsum, lime and clay. The product’s special composition — consisting of clay, fine white lime, fractional sands, marble powder and Casul white pigment — allows the product to breathe and provides high level of protection against mould growth, without the use of chemical additives.

Klimafeinputz KFP permits constant hygrometric exchange between the substrate and the environment. It is highly breathable and regulates moisture in the air by absorbing moisture quickly when humidity is high, later releasing it quickly. Because its natural chemical composition it’s particularly alkaline, it helps to prevent mould growth.

“It’s widely known that internal wet wall plasters contribute to achieving airtightness. What is less well known is that choosing the right plaster can not only provide airtightness but can also can play a major role in improving internal environmental comfort by ensuring constant hygrometric exchange between the substrate and the environment,” said Joris Smet of Smet Building Products. “Sourced naturally and ecologically, the components of lime and clay combine for excellent technical properties, offering moisture absorption, moisture regulation, strength and protection against microorganism growth.”

Smet said Klimafeinputz KFP is extremely versatile and can be applied onto all common base coats such as lime-cement, cement, gypsum, gypsum-lime, gypsum lime-clay and clay plastering renders, as well as onto plaster boards. The addition of Casul white pigment means the dried finished plaster has a very bright white colour, so painting is not mandatory. However if a colour finish is required, and in order to facilitate maximum breathability when painting, compatible silicate, lime or clay based paints are recommended.

Casea Klimafeinputz KFP is a factory produced special white, mineral fine plaster CS that meets EN 998-1 and is suitable for indoor use. “It’s pre-mixed and supplied in ready to use 25kg buckets with a smooth finish,” said Smet. “The addition of the natural binders allows a long open time, ensuring the perfect finish is achieved.” As a finish skim coat, it’s ideal for final finishing of Casea Casucalc Klima as a basecoat and CASEA Bauprotec renders and plasters where a smooth finish is required. Being a strong plaster, it can be used in kitchens and bathrooms where tiling is required. 

Last modified on Monday, 13 August 2018 11:51