Trunk Low Energy Building launch new CLT business

Trunk Low Energy Building launch new CLT business

Trunk Low Energy Building has announced a brand new venture, Trunk CLT, which provides a specialist structural engineering, fabrication and erection service for any client or architect who desires an inherently low energy cross laminated timber shell solution for their project 

Trunk director Mike Jacob said that CLT is a very efficient structural and aesthetic solution, ideal for low energy projects where high levels of airtightness are required. The Trunk CLT system has an integral airtightness layer within the panels. “In most cases there is no need for extensive use of tapes and membranes,” said Jacob.

The large format panels are made to order to eliminate wastage. They come in sizes of up to 3.5m by 20m. CLT enables clients and main contractors to achieve rapid erection and simplicity for follow on trades, providing significant programme advantages.

“I was seduced by CLT about 10 years ago and have been waiting ever since to get involved in this sexy end of the market,” said Jacob. “The timing is perfect to bring together the right people, with the right manufacturing partners to focus on smaller, one-off projects.

The existing, established players can take care of the big stuff – at Trunk CLT we are interested in the more interesting and unique work, typically for domestic clients. At Trunk Low Energy Building we have seven years of work under our belts for exactly this audience and we understand their needs very well.”

Trunk CLT will be on site with their first project in Hertfordshire this summer and are in the early design stages of several more. For more information visit 

Last modified on Friday, 27 May 2016 12:39