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One-stop carbon and life cycle metrics software

LCA allows you to evaluate the effect on the environment of a product, service, or process over its entire life-cycle. This means that LCA takes into consideration all the steps that lead from raw material to manufactured product, including:

  • Extraction of raw materials
  • Energy consumption
  • Manufacture
  • Transportation
  • Use
  • Recycling
  • Final disposal or end of life

      It is a holistic methodology that quantifies how a product or process affects climate change, non-renewable resources, and the environment as a whole.

      Life-Cycle Assessment’s strength lies in the fact that it takes into account what happens before and after the final product is used by customers, and can effectively measure effects over a long time of period.

      For example, if you want to know how your building will influence climate change during its entire existence, LCA can give you the answer.

      LCA is a transparent alternative to greenwashing and commercial eco-friendly labels. In the world of sustainability metrics, LCA can produce results that you can trust, since it is based on international standards and not susceptible to commercial pressure from material providers. Instead of relying on hearsay, you can see at once what is the most sustainable alternative and use that data for all your future projects.

      With LCA you can see at once both the big picture and the details: by calculating LCA, you can measure your building’s life-cycle carbon footprint and other environmental impacts, like ozone depletion, and at the same time quantify the impact of a single material in the building.


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