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Unrivalled shading performance

MicroLouvre™ solar screens are the result of decades of extensive and exhaustive international research and development. It is probably the most efficient modern method of solar shading in the world. It was invented in the late 1930’s by two senior research members of Dow Chemical, and first manufactured in conjunction with the Borg-Warner Corporation.

The unique system of angled miniature bronze louvres stops the sun’s heat from ever reaching the window, but at the same time permits full natural daylight and outward vision for occupants. It has been used all over the world on every type of building as a solution to overheating and provides unrivalled visual comfort.

With its passive, angle selective, maintenance free technology, MicroLouvre™ supports all today’s energy saving, fire resistant and sustainable building performance requirements.

Keep cool and save energy

The heat from the sun’s rays is a significant cause of overheating in buildings, resulting in discomfort to occupants and increased energy use to remove that unwanted heat. With an 80% open area and louvres angled for optimum daylight, MicroLouvre™ provides you with a bright but comfortable indoor environment during even the hottest days. When windows are open, fresh air can easily pass through the screen as can natural, unfiltered daylight.

Sustainable, fully non-combustible and durable

MicroLouvre™ supports all today’s energy saving, fire resistant and sustainable building performance standards. Constructed of fire and corrosion resistant materials, our screens are tested and conform to A1/A2 Fire Performance rating.

Heritage/Listed Buildings

Screens can be configured to discretely replicate any window shape, colour, style or building façade.

Hurricane proof

BRE tested, proven to withstand 100+mph winds from multiple angles.


Providing directional privacy to view into the building.


Protects against window damage and flying debris.

Insect & pest protection

The miniature louvres provide even greater protection than standard insect mesh.

Low/Easy maintenance

A simple pressure wash is recommended no more than twice a year.


A proven lifetime of installed screens of more than 40 years.

Bespoke configuration

Screens are available in almost any colour, shape or style to suit the application.

Lightweight & easy to fit

Simple to install or retrofit with multiple fixing arrangements to suit any window type including sliding and lift out options, as well as direct fix. Installation options MicroLouvre screens are designed to be passively installed to your home. They fix seamlessly to existing windows and mullions to compliment the original window array. We have options to suit most buildings but can also work with you to accommodate bespoke requirements.

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